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Shelf companies

Shelf Company Warehouse is a company specializing in  registration that now has over 10 branches nationwide. It has taken a tremendous amount of hard work dedication and consistency to have established a registrations company of this magnitude with this much reach. Our team is comprised of highly dedicated, highly educated and well trained people ready and willing to attend to your needs with unrivaled services and customer satisfaction. It is a fact and not an opinion that we register the most companies in South Africa. This is the case by quite some margin. The extend which we are in demand is testament to the quality of our services, our years in the industry have made us exceptionally efficient at the purchase of shelf companies. Shelf companies are simply old companies or corporations that are in no longer functional or inactive but still a registered company. The term “shelf” is derived from an analogy used to describe the state of such companies as having been put on a “shelf”. shelf companies are a highly practically, money and time saving investment for those willing to register a business or a company but wish to skip the lengthy and costly company registration phase. Our internal processes have been tweaked to produce such a high degree of efficiency that our  registration can be said to be in a class of its own. We have vast experience in the legal world however our team is comprised of individuals of other complimentary professions such as auditors.

The Shelf Company Warehouse has head offices in Pretoria Gauteng.  registrations have been the name of the game for a very long time. Our efficiency at Company registration and Business registration is a direct result of multiple years in the industry and a team of trained staff that will aept nothing but the best level of support and customer service for our beloved clients.

If you seek a company that is highly efficient at what it does, one that has built years upon year of loyal customer loyalty and support then look no further than us. Few company have managed to consistently provide the highest levels of support for their customers however with us, it is a key attribute to our suess.

If you require any more information on the company, its staff or its highly dedicated, heavily experienced leaders then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will no doubt point you in the right direction. We are also available to give you valuable advice and professional opinion on any matter we are qualified to do so.